· Bed-Side Attendant · General Duty Assistant (GDA) · Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) · Frontline Health Care · Auxiliary Nurse and Midwife (ANM)

Sevarat Healthcare &Nursing Pvt Ltd - Panaji Goa, North Goa,Sikar, Goa

PERSONAL HYGIENE : Bathing / sponge bathing the patient; shaving, oral care, changing diapers/administering bed pan/managing urine bag, bladder wash, trimming nails, combing hair, changing clothes, bed linen and making beds. Keeping the patient’s surrounding clean and hygienic.

  • NUTRITION : Feeding the patient – RT feeding, maintaining a record of input and output.
  • MEDICATION : Administering oral and IV / IM medicines as per their schedule. Administering and handling other medical procedures.
  • MONITORING VITALS : Monitoring and recording the vitals.
  • EXERCISE & MOBILIZATION : Assisting the patient to exercise the body as per the directions of the physiotherapist. Maintaining flexibility& mobility. Mobilizing the patient periodically.
  • WOUNDS / BEDSORES : Using caution to prevent bed sores and dressing the wounds / sores for speedy recovery.
  • COMPANIONSHIP : To provide compassionate companionship to the patient by talking with them and helping them pass their time joyfully.




General Duty Assistant


8th Pass

Certification Required

10th pass

Mode of Interview

Virtual Interview (Video Conferencing)

Last date to apply

02-Jan-2022 12:00 AM

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